that allows users to select a parking space via iBeacon technology and pay for it in a single click.
Detects available parking spaces nearby using iBeacon sensor technology
Patrons can pay for meters with their smartphones using Paypal or credit cards
Push notifications remind users of expiring meters directly to their mobile home screens
Users can pay for more time remotely or utilize detailed walking directions back to their car
Patrons can opt-in to receiving offers from businesses located nearby

Parximity enables customers to pay for parking meters effortlessly using their smartphones, eliminating the hassles of digging for coins. Patrons receive a notification when their meter is running out with the option to pay for more time remotely just by choosing a desired amount and touching to pay on their app home screen.

Furthermore, Parximity provides the exact location of the customers parking spot, thereby eliminating any confusion and wasted time via easy walking directions.

Geo-fencing allows parking administrators to send rich personalized offers for nearby local business based on user preferences and demographics, enhancing the customers parking experience overall.

Users can receive a coupon for lunch, or be notified of a current special, enticing spur the moment visitation in the moments it matters most, when they are walking nearby.

Not only can parking patrons easily pay for parking in a few simple touches, but can opt-in to receiving instant push notification or email receipts directly following payments.

The app keeps track of all past parking payments made for easy perusal, including date, time, fare, and payment account used. Administrators can keep track of all payments made by patrons through their portal for unified payment management.

Not only does Parximity provide added convenience for parking patrons, but delivers an improved solution for parking attendants and corresponding governing bodies alike.

Attendants can simply drive by metered locations for real time status updates on each space, without having to step out of their vehicles. In addition, Parximity serves to significantly reduce revenue lose incurred from overlapping occupancy. It's a win-win for everyone involved.